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Update for Spring 2022

Everything Connected – Octarine Artists Respond to Climate Change

I am a guest artist with the Octarine group for the show “Everything Connected – Octarine Artists Respond to Climate Change“.

Climate Change is the existential crisis of our time. Many of us have become very aware that we are part of a living planet, and that our health is connected to the health of our environment and all living creatures.

There is a growing realization that solving our environmental problems will require massive changes to our economic and social systems.

Everything is Connected: climate change, health, pollution, habitat loss, species loss, the economy and social justice.

Members of the Octarine artists have addressed different aspects of climate change.
Some of the art shows the impact of climate change, some shows the beauty that we hope to preserve.

All of it aims to provoke thought and promote individual action.


Opening Reception
Sunday April 24 – 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Gallery Open
Thursday to Saturday -10:00AM to 4:00PM

Elora Centre for the Arts
72 Melville Street, Elora

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