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February 2019 Events

This has been a busy fall with shows at Atmosphere in Guelph and Manhatten’s in Guelph (on until April 8) and a show up at the Vault in Fergus, ON which is still there until the first part of April. Coming up soon I will be a guest artist at the Art District Art Gallery in Kitchener. More details later, but I will have my first showing of my Yukon paintings…really looking forward to that.

Yukon paintings

Ever since a trip visiting part of the Yukon I have been working on a series of paintings based on all the photos I took.  It was a whirlwind trip but it left indelible memories.  We were fortunate to be there in September during colour change and more fortunate that the weather was good!  I started with some literal paintings and then progressed to abstraction and the discovery is continuting..I have a goal to do 12 paintings.   Here are a few….

Overlooking Dawson City

Inspired by the Yukon.

Yukon Gold. Inspired by the Yukon.